Elegant Wedding Archways

You may want to walk down the aisle to meet your partner and have him/her standing under a beautiful wedding archway.  We love wedding arches as they can add glamour, style and elegance to your wedding pictures.  A backdrop to your photographs, complimenting the wedding party.

Archways can be dressed in a variety of ways: lace, flowers, fairylights or fabric draped with flowers etc.

The height and width of our Archways vary, please check with your venue to ensure it fits comfortably in the room or area.

The archway can be moved if its an outside wedding, however we prefer to do this ourselves.


There is no minimum order value, if you make contact and give me an indication of what you want and the relevant information  date, venue and numbers.  I can provide you with a cost, however, you may benefit from making an appointment to visit the show room to view the other items Winton Weddings hire out.

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